Grade Report Legends - Glendon College/Collège Universitaire Glendon

Grade Qualifiers

DEF - The student has been granted deferred standing in the course. The Academic Decision in such a case will read "Decision Pending".

F NGR (No Grade Reported) - No grade was reported for the student in the course and an F has therefore been assigned. If the student did not attend the course, he/she may petition for late withdrawal from the course.

NCR (No Credit Retained) - The course does not count towards satisfaction of academic degree or certificate credit requirements and is not included in grade point averages (major, cumulative, sessional and overall).

Academic Decisions

May Proceed in Honours - The student has met the minimum grade point average to proceed in the Honours program. Students will automatically be placed in the Honours program, where applicable. Honours students retain the option to apply to graduate after 90 credits with the bachelor program where applicable.

Honours Progression - Students in a BA, iBA, BSc or iBSc degree who have less than a 5.00 cumulative grade point average will be eligible to proceed in Honours provided the minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) for Honours progression is maintained as specified by year level (see chart below). The cumulative grade point average is based only on York courses taken. Earned credits include transfer credit and York credits passed.

Honours Progression Chart
Year Level Earned Credits Minimum CGPA
1 0 to 23 credits 4.00
2 24 to 53 credits 4.25
3 54 to 83 credits 4.80
4 84 credits or greater 5.00

May Proceed Only in Bachelor Program - The student is no longer eligible to continue in an Honours program. Students who were in an Honours program in the previous session will therefore be placed in a three year degree program.

Students who were registered in a program that is only offered as an Honours BA and are ineligible to proceed in Honours as a result of final grades have had their major changed automatically. Please refer to the list below for more information. Students wishing to choose a major other than that which has been assigned must complete a Program Change Request.

Previous Program New BA 90-Credit Program
International Studies (ILST) Political Science (POLS)
Business Economics (BUEC) Economics (ECON)

Failed to Gain Standing - The student has not achieved the average required to continue at Glendon and is not eligible to enrol in courses for the next fall/winter session. The student may apply for re-admission through the Office of Academic Services at Glendon campus.

Debarred - The student has failed and is not allowed to enrol in courses for two academic years. After the two years, the student may apply for re-admission through the Office of Admissions (Keele campus).

Questions? - If you have questions about your grades and academic status, please contact the Office of Student Programs, C102 York Hall, Glendon campus.