Transfer Credit Statement

Are you considering transferring to York? Visit the Transfer Credit website for new students.

Transfer Credit Statement

This statement outlines the amount of transfer credit from your prior studies applicable to the academic program at York University to which you have been admitted. All assessments are conditional upon receipt of a final official transcript for each previous postsecondary institution you have attended.

Grades achieved in postsecondary course(s) accepted by York University for transfer credit will not affect your academic average at York. If you repeat course exclusions granted from previous studies, it will result in a reduction of your transfer credit.

To view your transfer credit statement, go to the transfer credit statement.

Faculty and Degree Changes

In rare circumstances, revised transfer credit statements are issued for students who changed their Faculty or Degree after being admitted to York. (This excludes the transfer from the Faculties of Arts and Atkinson to the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies and the Faculty of Science.) If you were granted transfer credits at the point of admission, first check the link above. If it does not work, the link below may provide your transfer credit statement instead:

Revised Transfer Credit after a Faculty Transfer or Degree Change

Request a Transfer Credit Reassessment

In accordance with the Eligibility for Transfer Credit as outlined in the York University Calendar, you have one academic term from the date of admission to York University to submit documentation (including detailed course outlines) for evaluation of transfer credit. (Fall term and fall/winter session admission: completed by the end of the fall/winter session; winter term admission: completed by the end of the summer session; summer session admission: completed by the end of the fall term). After this time period has elapsed, you will be eligible for reassessment only in the event of a program change.

Studies that were not declared on your application for admission to York University are not eligible for transfer credit consideration.

Subsequent changes to policies and regulations will not affect previously awarded transfer credit.

Consider all of the courses in your program and include all transfer credit requests at this time; further requests will not be considered except in the event of a program change.