Grade Report Legends - Schulich School of Business / Graduate Programs


Letter Grade Index Interpretation
A+ 9 Excellent
A 8 Excellent
A- 7 Excellent
B+ 6 Good
B 5 Good
B- 4 Good
C+ 3 Acceptable
C 2 Acceptable
C- 1 Acceptable
F 0 Failing
P - Pass (courses taken on exchange)
I - Incomplete


Pending. Manual Assessment Required - These statements mean that no final academic decision can be made on your academic status until all course(s) work is submitted and outstanding grades have been received.

May Continue - The student has met the requirements of the program and may proceed to the next session.

Pending. Grades Not Reported - These statements mean that a grade was not reported for one or more courses.

Pending. Incomplete Grade Assigned - A notation of Incomplete has been assigned to one or more courses.

Debarred - Students have not met the requirements of the program and are not permitted to continue in the program.

Eligible to Graduate: Member of the Dean’s Honour List - The Dean’s Honour List recognizes a student’s academic achievements at the time of graduation:

  • Achieved a cumulative grade point average of 6.95 or better
  • Questions? Should you have questions or concerns about your grade report or academic status, please see the Graduate Student Handbook or contact the Records and Promotions Assistant in the Student Services and International Relations department at Schulich School of Business,