Exams in the Aviva Centre (formerly Rexall Centre)

Where is the Aviva Centre?

The Aviva Centre, formerly Rexall Centre, is labelled as item 8 on our Keele Campus map. Exams are written in the Centre of Excellence, which is the large covered building behind the Aviva Centre.

How is writing at Aviva different from writing at other locations?

The primary difference is that you will be writing in a large building with hundreds of other students. There may also be several different exams being conducted at the same time.

Are there shuttle services?

Yes. Transportation Services offers regular shuttle services between the Commons and Aviva during exam periods. You can also access GoSafe to walk you back to your parking spot during their operating hours. Information about the shuttle and GoSafe will be posted on the exam search page closer to the start of the exam period.

Can I get food on campus during exams?

Most food services will be running their regular operational hours. In addition, during exams, the POD Express will have extended hours from 5pm to 5am to provide light snacks and drinks for students writing late exams or studying at the library.

What time should I arrive?

You are allowed into the building no earlier than 20 minutes before the start of the exam period. If you arrive earlier, there is a sheltered waiting area in the Aviva Centre which open 8am to 10:30pm Monday to Saturday and from 1pm to 10:30pm on Sundays. The waiting area is indoors and there is access to washrooms which you may care to use before starting your exam. To access the waiting area, just follow the signage at Aviva.

What is allowed in the exam centre?

Once you are seated, announcements will be made by the invigilators about what is and is not allowed for your particular exam; you should also get this information from your instructors before-hand. Note that cell phones must be turned off for the duration of the exam. If your cell phone rings or you are found to be using it during the exam, it will be confiscated.

What about after the exam?

If you finish early, please gather all your belongings and leave as quietly as possible. If you need to wait for a ride or for your classmates to finish, feel free to return to the sheltered waiting area in the Aviva Centre and wait there. The sheltered are is open until 10:30pm and will have a security guard on site. You are encouraged to wait for a ride or classmates in the secured waiting area.