York's Enrolment Procedures, Resources and Important Dates for Visiting Students

How to Register and Enrol in Courses

  1. Login to the Registration and Enrolment Module (REM) using your Passport York username and password:

    • Passport York is York’s primary method of online authentication. Anytime you access an online application that requires authentication, such as the Registration and Enrolment Module (REM) or for viewing your Your Student Account, you will be prompted to sign in to Passport York.

    • If this is your first time logging in to Passport York, on the REM page prompting you to log in, click on the link that says 'New Student Sign Up'. The link is located under the 'NEW TO PASSPORT YORK?' heading to the right of the screen and follow the instructions provided. You will need your York student number, provided to you in your admission letter, to continue.

    • Once you have been authenticated by Passport York, you will be taken to the Registration and Enrolment Module (REM). Please note: It could take up to 48 hours to activate a Passport York account during busy times. Be sure to leave yourself enough time to enrol in classes.

  2. Select the appropriate session from the drop-down menu.

  3. Confirm the tuition fee rate currently on your York record, acknowledge the contractual fee and Student Code of Conduct agreements, as well as your contact information.

  4. You can now proceed to enrol in courses.

Important: Admission as a visiting student does not guarantee enrolment in any specific course(s), particularly those in high demand. We encourage you to enrol as early as possible and to identify alternate course choices.

Course Names and Credit Values

York courses are named in the following manner: AP/EN 1000 6.00

  • AP = the designation of the Faculty offering the course (in this case, Liberal Arts & Professional Studies);
  • EN = the prefix of the teaching unit offering the course (in this case, English);
  • 1000 = the number of the course, the first digit of which identifies the level of the course; and
  • 6.00 = the suffix indicating the “credit value” of the course.

The credit value normally correlates to the length of the course and the number of hours the course meets per week. A course with a 3.00 suffix would meet three hours per week for one term while a 6.00 suffix would normally meet for three hours per week for the session (or two terms).

Your Student Account

Once you have enrolled in a course, you must pay the registration deposit to reserve your place in it. The preferred method of payment is through the Internet or telephone banking. Go to the How & When to Pay page for more information about making payments electronically.

To view your balance owing and payment due dates check your Student Account Online Statement on the Your Student Account page. Statements are posted on the web about the 18th of each month (subject to change) and you will need your Passport York ID to access it.

Important Dates

Keep on top of add/drop course deadlines, term work submission deadlines, holidays and University closings online on the Important Dates page.

Registrarial Services

Registrarial Services provides in-person or by-phone registrarial and financial services for current students.

York Identification Card

YU-card is York’s official photo identification, and campus-wide payment card, for students, faculty and staff. YU-card provides access to several services and spaces across Keele, Glendon and Markham campuses including the library, recreation facilities, exams, food, dining plans, shopping, events, discounts and more. Visit the YU-card website for more detailed information.

Transit and Parking

  • Transportation Services at York actively work with local public transit agencies to provide the best possible services for the University community; it also provides route information, shuttle buses and sells transit passes.
  • Parking Services at York functions on both daily rates and monthly or sessional parking passes.

For convenience, you can purchase parking passes and TTC Metropasses online to avoid line-ups and arrange to either pick them up on campus or have them mailed to your home address.