International Student Information

Government RegulationsYork Regulations

Under the regulations of the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, some categories of international students may be eligible for exemption from the international student fee rate.

Domestic or international fee status at York is determined by the information you provided on your application for admission regarding your status in Canada. You may be required to provide documentation to the Registrar's Office to verify your eligibility for domestic fees. For information on the Ontario government's domestic and international fee rates, visit the Academic Tuition Fee Categories page on the Student Financial Services website.

If your fees have been incorrectly assessed or if your status has changed from international to domestic, you must immediately contact Registrarial Services to clarify your situation.

In addition to government regulations regarding status of international students, York University has its own regulations concerning employment, registration, and health insurance.


Full-time international and exchange students with a valid study permit may be eligible to work on campus and off campus without a work permit provided they meet specific eligibility criteria. Information on employment, getting a Social Insurance Number (SIN), and Canadian income tax can be found on the York International website. For further questions, contact York International, 200 York Lanes, telephone: 416-736-5177, e-mail:

Request a Letter

If you need a letter:

  • for immigration purposes to certify that you are enrolled and registered in the current session;
  • to confirm your eligibility to return once final grades are officially released,

go to the Request a Letter page and download the proper form.

Mandatory University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) for International Students and Other Non-Residents

International students and other non-resident students*, and their eligible dependents, are covered by the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) once they become registered at York. UHIP is mandatory unless and until the student is approved by Sun Life for an exemption.

Students pay their insurance premium to Student Financial Services in addition to their academic fees. The premium cost is based on length of coverage and number of dependents. To receive proof of coverage, students must apply to York International, 200 York Lanes, at the beginning of each academic year. For further important details, please visit York International’s UHIP website, call 416-736-5028 or e-mail

*Examples of non-resident students include exchange students and permanent residents in the OHIP waiting period.