Enrolment and Registration Guide: York University Course Timetable Abbreviations

Course Type Abbreviations
Course Type Abbreviations
Abbreviation Course Type
BLEN Blended learning 🛈
CLIN Clinical
CORS Correspondence
DIRD Directed reading
DISS Dissertation
FDEX Field experience
FIEL Field trip
HYFX Hyflex 🛈
IDS Individual directed study
INSP Internship
ISTY Independent studies
LAB Laboratory
LECT Lecture
LGCL Language classes
ONCA Online Campus 🛈
ONLN Online learning 🛈
PERF Performance
PRAC Practicum
REEV Research evaluation
REMT Remote 🛈
RESP Research paper
REVP Review paper
SEMR Seminar
STDO Studio
THES Thesis
TUTR Tutorial
WKSP Workshop
Days of the Week Abbreviations
Days of the Week Abbreviations
Abbreviation Day(s)
M Monday
T Tuesday
W Wednesday
R Thursday
F Friday
MWF Monday, Wednesday and Friday
TR Tuesday and Thursday
S Saturday
U Sunday
SU Saturday and Sunday
Faculty Abbreviations
Faculty Abbreviations
Abbreviation Faculty Name
AP Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies
ED Faculty of Education
EU Faculty of Environmental & Urban Change
FA School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design
GL Glendon College / Collège universitaire Glendon
GS Faculty of Graduate Studies
HH Faculty of Health
LE Lassonde School of Engineering
LW Osgoode Hall Law School
SB Schulich School of Business
SC Faculty of Science
Undergraduate Course Subject Abbreviations
Undergraduate Course Subject Abbreviations
Abbreviation Course Subject
ACTG Accounting
ADMB Administrative Studies Bridging
ADMS Administrative Studies
ANTH Anthropology
ARB Arabic
ARTH Art History
ASL American Sign Language
AUCO Aural Communication
BBED Bilingual/Bicultural Education
BC Bethune College
BCHM Biochemistry
BIOL Biology
BPHS Biophysics
BSUS Business and Sustainability
BUEC Business Economics
BUSI Business Studies
CAT Catalan
CCY Children, Childhood and Youth
CDNS Canadian Studies
CGTA Canadian University Graduate Transfer Agreement
CH Chinese
CHEM Chemistry
CIVL Civil Engineering
CLST Classical Studies
CLTR Culture
CMCT Communication and Culture
COGS Cognitive Science
COMN Communication Studies
COMS Communications
COOP Cooperative Education
COST Computer Studies
CRIM Criminology
CSE Computer Science & Engineering
CSLA Computer Science in Liberal Arts
DANC Dance
DATT Digital Media Program
DEMS Disaster and Emergency Management
DESN Design
DEST Deaf Studies
DLLL Languages, Literatures and Linguistics
DRAA Dramatic Arts
DRST Drama Studies
ECON Economics
EDFE Foundations
EDIN Integration
EDIS Intermediate / Senior
EDJI Junior / Intermediate
EDPJ Primary / Junior
EDPR Practicum
EDST Educational Studies
EDUC Education
EECS Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
EN English
ENG Engineering
ENSL English as a Second Language
ENTR Entrepreneurial Studies
ENVB Environmental Biology
ENVS Environmental Studies
ESL English as a Second Language
ESSE Earth, Space Science and Engineering
EXCH Exchange
FACS Fine Arts Cultural Studies
FAST Family Studies
FINE Finance
FND Fundamentals of Learning
FNEN Financial Engineering
FNSV Financial Services
FR French Studies
FRAN French Studies / Études françaises
FREN French
FSL French as a Second Language
GCIN Global and Community Internship
GEOG Geography
GER German
GK Greek
GKM Modern Greek
GWST Gender and Women’s Studies
HEB Hebrew
HIMP Health Industry Management Program
HIST History
HLST Health Studies
HND Hindi
HREQ Human Rights and Equity Studies
HRM Human Resources Management
HUMA Humanities
IBUS International Business
IHST Global Health
ILST International Studies
INDG Indigenous Studies
INDS Independent Studies
INDV Individualized Studies
INTL International
ISCI Integrated Science
IT Italian
ITEC Information Technology
JC Jamaican Creole
JP Japanese
KINE Kinesiology and Health Science
KOR Korean
LA Latin
LASO Law and Society
LIN Linguistics and Language Studies
LING Linguistics
LLDV Language and Literacy Development
LLS Language and Learning Seminar
MATH Mathematics and Statistics
MECH Mechanical Engineering
MGMT Management
MIST Multicultural and Indigenous Studies
MKTG Marketing
MODR Modes of Reasoning
MUSI Music
NATS Natural Science
NRSC Neuroscience(Cyurr
NURS Nursing
OMIS Operations Management and Information Systems
ORCO Oral Communication
ORGS Organization Studies
PANF Interdisciplinary Fine Arts
PERS Persian
PHED Physical Education
PHIL Philosophy
PHYS Physics and Astronomy
PKIN Kinesiology and Health Science Practicum
POLS Political Science
POR Portuguese
PPAS Public Policy & Administration Studies
PRAC Practicum
PROP Real Property
PRWR Professional Writing
PSYC Psychology
PUBL Public Administration
RELS Religious Studies
RU Russian
SCIE Science
SENE Seneca
SGMT Strategic Management
SLGS Sign Language Studies
SOCI Sociology
SOSC Social Science
SOWK Social Work
SP Spanish
STS Science & Technology Studies
SWAH Swahili
SXST Sexuality Studies
TECH Technological Education
TECL Technology at Lassonde
TESL Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language
THEA Theatre
TLSE Teaching and Learning Seminar
TRAN Translation
TYP Transition Year Program
URST Urban Studies
VISA Visual Arts
WKLS Work and Labour Studies
WKST Work and Study
WMST Women's Studies
WRIT Writing
YSDN York/Sheridan Design
Term Abbreviations
Term Abbreviations
F Fall (September-December)
W Winter (January-April)
Y Fall and Winter (September-April)
SU Summer (May-August)
S1 Summer: First Term (May-June)
S2 Summer: Second Term (June-August)
Language of Instruction Abbreviations within Visual Schedule Builder

These language of instruction abbreviations are used in the Visual Schedule Builder and can be seen after the course credit value.

Language of Instruction Abbreviations
Abbreviation Language of Instruction
EN English
FR French
SP Spanish
BL English / French
ES English / Spanish
FS French / Spanish
AE Arabic / English
CH Chinese / Spanish
CE Chinese / English
GE German
HE Hebrew
IT Italian
IE Italian / English
JE Japanese
KO Korean
LA Latin
MG Modern Greek
MR Modern Greek / English
PO Portuguese
PE Portuguese / English