Graduation Verification Service (GVS)

Degree verification checks at York are completed through the Graduation Verification Service (GVS), an online service provided by MyCreds. The service is part of MyCreds Verify™ and offers a secure and safe way to confirm and verify whether a learner has received a degree or certificate from York University. It will also specify the type of degree or certificate and the year in which it was conferred.

If you are a third-party (e.g. prospective employer, recruitment agency) and only require the verification of a student's degree please use: MyCreds Verify™ GVS

MyCreds Verify™ charges $20 CAD per search. Visit the MyCreds Verify™ FAQ for more information.

Additional information sought beyond degree verification (e.g. dates of attendance, enrolment verification) must be requested by a York University student or alumni and the official documentation will be shared via MyCreds™.

Certificates offered by the Division of Continuing Education, the York University English Language Institute and the Schulich Executive Education Centre cannot be verified using this service. Please contact the unit directly.

York University Students and Alumni

If you wish to review or receive a copy of your academic records, please select one of the following options:

Students and alumni may request a transcript or letter sent directly to a third party. Please check with your intended recipient before placing your order. Request and send your transcripts, graduation letters, diplomas and official academic documents to academic institutions, employers, government offices and more, anytime, anywhere through MyCreds™.

It is the University's policy to make information about the degrees or credentials conferred by the University and the dates of conferral routinely available. GVS is an online self-service tool to allow potential employers and other interested parties such as immigration offices, for example, to verify the credentials you received at York University.

It is in your interest as a current or former student to be aware of the criteria used in conducting a successful search of your York credentials.

Your Student Number

Using your student number will result in a unique match and will make the search for your credentials successful. Note that your student number is confidential information, and you should only provide your student number to authorized persons whom you can trust.

If you do not remember your student number, or if you prefer not to provide it, giving the searchers the month and year of your birth is sufficient.

Name Changes

GVS will use your official name as it was upon conferral of your degree. If you have changed your name since graduating, you may either provide your former name to the person verifying your credentials or you can have our electronic records at York University updated to reflect your new official name. Any requests to change your official name must be submitted to the Registrar's Office through a Name Change Form (see links below) together with appropriate supporting documentation as outlined on the form. Please allow enough lead time to have the name change reflected.

Who Should Use the GVS?

The GVS should be used by all parties external to York. This includes employers, recruitment firms or other third-party associates who need to verify whether a learner had graduated and received a degree from York University.

The GVS only confirms whether a learner had graduated and received a degree at York. It does not provide details such as dates of attendance, grades or enrolment verification typically found on transcripts. Transcripts or letters must be ordered by a York University student and shared with third-parties.


To use MyCreds GVS, you must log in to MyCreds Verify™ using an existing account or create a new one. Once you are signed in, you can conduct a search using:

  • The learner’s first and last name, as it appears on file with York University;
  • Date of birth; and/or
  • Student number
  • Select York University as the issuing organization

Once submitted, orders can not be cancelled, and refunds will not be provided.

Understanding Results

After a search has been conducted, the system confirms if the student received a degree or certificate from York University based on the information provided.

  • A result confirming a learner had received a degree from York University is verified and includes when the individual graduated and with which degree(s).
  • A result that does not indicate graduation could be due:
    • the search criteria provided are too inaccurate to confirm that this person graduated (e.g. the student provided a preferred name and not the legal name on record – Alex vs Alexander)
    • the graduation date has not passed (e.g. courses may be completed in April, but convocation is in June)
    • or, the student has not received a degree from York University.

Please review the information entered in the search and confirm with the student that the information accurately matches their York University records on file.

York University does not manage the Graduation Verification Service (GVS). If you encounter any issues, contact for additional support.

Les vérifications des diplômes à York sont effectuées par le biais du Service de vérification des diplômes (Graduation Verification Service—GVS), un service en ligne fourni par MesCertif. Le service fait partie de Vérifier MesCertifMC et offre un moyen sûr et sécurisé de confirmer et de vérifier si un·e apprenant·e a reçu un diplôme de l’Université York. Il précise également le type de diplôme ou de certificat et l’année où il a été délivré.

Remarques importantes :

  1. Le personnel interne, les membres de la communauté étudiante et les diplômés sont priés d’utiliser YU Verify au lieu de GVS.
  2. Vérifier MesCertifMC facture 20 $ par recherche. Visitez la FAQ de Vérifier MesCertif pour plus d’informations.
  3. Les informations supplémentaires demandées au-delà de la vérification du diplôme (par exemple, les dates de fréquentation, la vérification de l’inscription) doivent être fournies par le biais d’un relevé de notes ou d’une lettre officielle de l’Université. Les relevés de notes ou les lettres peuvent être commandés en ligne moyennant des frais.
  4. Le cas échéant, consultez la Politique sur l’accès aux dossiers des étudiants et la protection de la vie privée.
  5. Les certificats proposés par la Division de la formation continue, l’English Language Institute de York et l’Executive Learning Centre de Schulich ne peuvent pas être vérifiés à l’aide de ce service. Dans ces cas, veuillez contacter l’unité directement.

Utiliser Vérifier MesCertif

Qui devrait utiliser le GVS?

Le GVS devrait être utilisé par toutes les instances à l’extérieur de York. Il s’agit notamment d’employeurs, de cabinets de recrutement ou d’autres tiers associés qui ont besoin de vérifier si un apprenant a obtenu un diplôme de l’Université York.

Le GVS confirme uniquement si un apprenant a obtenu un diplôme à York. Il ne fournit pas de détails comme les dates de fréquentation, les notes ou la vérification de l’inscription que l’on trouve habituellement sur les relevés de notes. Les relevés de notes ou les lettres peuvent être commandés en ligne moyennant des frais.


Pour utiliser le GVS de MesCertif, vous devez vous connecter à Vérifier MesCertif en utilisant un compte existant ou en créant un nouveau compte. Une fois que vous êtes connecté, vous pouvez effectuer une recherche en utilisant :

  • Le nom et le prénom de l’apprenant;
  • La date de naissance; et/ou
  • Le matricule étudiant.
L’Université York ne gère pas le Service de vérification des diplômes (Graduation Verification Service—GVS). Si vous rencontrez des problèmes, contactez pour obtenir de l’aide.