Letters of Permission - Taking a Course at Another University

If you wish to enrol at another university (host) and have undergraduate credits completed there transferred toward your York degree, you must first be granted a Letter of Permission (LOP) by the Registrar's Office. While you are pursuing your York degree, transfer credit will not be granted for work completed at another university without the LOP. Glendon students: please consult with your home Academic Student Services Office. Please read these pages carefully before submitting your request.

If you are considering taking courses at Ryerson University, you may be eligible for the Ryerson-York co-registration initiative. If so, you must take your Ryerson options through this program rather than through a Letter of Permission.

If you are considering online courses, please visit eCampusOntario to find online and mostly online courses.

General Information


  • To be eligible for an LOP you must be pursuing a York degree and/or certificate program. If you are a non-degree student at York, you may apply directly to the host without an LOP.
  • You must be in good academic standing. An LOP will not be issued if you are on academic warning, program warning, debarment warning or academic probation. If your academic status changes after the LOP is issued and you are no longer in good standing or are ineligible to proceed in your program, the LOP will be rescinded and you will no longer be eligible for transfer credit from the host regardless of the grade achieved there.
  • Your LOP will not be processed if there are outstanding debts on your University account.


It is your responsibility to ensure that:

  • You meet the course prerequisites for the course(s) you wish to enroll in at the host institution.
  • Course(s) completed on an LOP meet your program requirements.
  • You do not repeat courses already passed.
  • In the application, you submit detailed course outlines that include such information as:
    • course description
    • textbook information (author, title, edition, year of publication)
    • method of evaluation (e.g. two exams, 50% each)
    • breakdown of lectures per class with book chapters included
    • see Course Outline Example
  • Should enrolment/registration circumstances change; that is, the course(s) you are requesting on an LOP is(are) not available, you must contact lop@yorku.ca to request approval for any replacement course(s).
  • An official transcript is forwarded to the Registrar's Office at York University as soon as final grades are available from the host institution.

Important Notes

  • Course Credit Exclusions (CCEs) are courses offered at York and the host that are similar enough in content that both may not be taken for degree credit. A course substitute can replace a specified York course/degree requirement. A course substitute can be a CCE but a CCE is not always a course substitute.
  • Repeated courses: Credit towards your degree will only be counted once for repeated courses taken at York or elsewhere. Should you repeat a course, the initial grade will be replaced with a notation of “NCR – No Credit Retained”.
  • Minimum grade requirement: Generic results of “Pass” or “Credit Achieved” at the host will not be accepted for transfer credit to your York degree. A minimum of 60 per cent or equivalent is required for credit.
  • Transfer credit will be assessed based on the course work/requirements including in-class hours completed at the host institution and not on the course work/requirements of the York course credit exclusion or substitute. Check the ONtransfer database for potential course equivalencies.
  • Year level: Courses completed at Canadian universities are normally assessed for credit at the year level offered by the host institution. For example, if you successfully complete a 2000-level course at the host university, credits granted by York will be recognized at the 2000-level, regardless of whether York offers a similar course at a different year level. Year-level equivalencies for courses taken outside of Canada are subject to assessment upon receipt of a final transcript.
  • Courses and grades achieved at the host are not listed on your York transcript or included in your York grade point average (GPA).


  • Computer Science majors/minors: An advising appointment is required after submission of your application. Please contact: ug@CSE.yorku.ca
  • Engineering majors: CIVL, EECS, ENG, MECH courses will not be approved on a Letter of Permission.
  • Public Administration majors: An advising appointment is required after submission of your application. Please contact: lapssppa@yorku.ca
  • French Studies Courses: Any student looking to take a French language course on a Letter of Permission must first speak with the Department of French studies before submitting their request. Please contact: lapsfren@yorku.ca

Maximum Credits Allowed

Including courses taken on an LOP, the maximum number of credits in which you may enrol is:

Faculty Number of Credits
Environmental Studies 12 in summer and 36 in fall/winter
School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design - all departments except Design 15 in summer and 36 in fall/winter
School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design - Design 36 credits in a calendar year
Glendon 15 in summer and 30 in fall/winter
Health 15 in summer and 36 in fall/winter
Liberal Arts & Professional Studies 18 in summer and 36 in fall/winter
Science 15 in summer and 33 in fall/winter
Lassonde 15 in summer and 33 in fall/winter

Instructions and Application


Deadline to Apply for Letters of Permission

Please submit your request a minimum of 6 weeks in advance of the first day of classes at the host institution to ensure adequate time for processing. Requests submitted with less than 6 weeks until classes begin may not be processed in time for admission and enrolment at the host institution.

  1. Complete the online Letter of Permission form and pay the $50 application fee.

The online application will open in late June for Fall applications

  1. Approved LOPs will be mailed to the host university and a copy e-mailed to you for your records. If you are ineligible to go on an LOP, you will also receive e-mail notification.
  2. Once you receive LOP approval from the Registrar’s Office, contact the host institution for enrolment procedures.
  3. If you enrol in courses at the host other than those listed on the LOP, you will not receive transfer credit upon completion unless the Registrar’s Office amends your LOP in advance. Obtain approval for these changes by notifying the Registrar’s Office at lop@yorku.ca of any enrolment changes as soon as they are made.
  4. When you have completed the course(s) at the host and grades are available, an official transcript must be forwarded to York's Registrar’s Office immediately (see deadlines below). Address the transcript to:

Registrar’s Office - Degree Audit
York University, Bennett Centre for Student Services
4700 Keele St. Toronto, ON M3J 1P3

Term in which you completed your course Deadline for transcript submission or proof of withdrawal/non-attendance
Summer October 1
Fall February 1
Winter June 1
  1. If you do not register or complete any of the courses for which you were issued the LOP, you must provide the Registrar’s Office with documentation from the host declaring you either did not enrol/register or that you withdrew from the course(s) without any academic penalty.
  2. Please note the alternate instructions for BFA Dance majors in the Joint Teacher Training Program with Canada's Nation Ballet School.