Passport York

Passport York is York’s primary method of online authentication. You must sign up for your Passport York username and password so that you can log into York’s online services for students. Passport York determines which services you are able to access.

If you are a new student and have not signed up for Passport York, the first time you go to an application that requires the Passport York login, click on the link that says New Student Sign Up!

The next screen will ask you to login with your student number and date of birth. Follow the steps as they are listed. You will be asked to give yourself a Passport York username and password. It is important that you remember what you choose.

Once you have both your Passport York username and password, you can activate various online services for students through Manage My Services.

If you have forgotten your Passport York username and password, click on any application that requires Passport York and then click on "Forgot your password or username?"