Online Exam Proctoring

We know the COVID-19 pandemic has created a great deal of uncertainty for all members of our community. Unfortunately, we do not yet have clarity from the government regarding when and how the current emergency regulations may be lifted to allow a gradual return to in-person teaching.

As you plan ahead for Fall academic activities, given that the need for physical distancing will likely continue for some time, it is clear that most courses will need to be delivered to you at least in part using remote/online/flexible teaching techniques.

Senate Executive has approved changes to the core required information that must be included in course outlines to disclose to students if the evaluation scheme includes an online proctored exam.

For courses that require a proctored online final examination, York University will be providing instructors with access to Proctortrack software this summer and fall.

Learn more about Proctortrack on our FAQs page.